The Pond

The Pond

I write this while sitting on a weathered red picnic bench ten feet from a large pond deep in the hills of Spokane, Washington. Peaceful does not come close to what is here. The sound of a bubbling stream behind me, birds singing everywhere and once and
awhile a white tailed doe walks by in the distance.

This is one of my stops on day 90 in a journey to introduce the Be Fantastic movement to the world. The world needs this simple idea. I’m a simple man with a simple plan. Everday, everyone in every country around the world greets another with “How are you?” And upon departure says “Have a good day”. It’s a 650 year old question that saved your life during the black plague, not sure how old Have a good day is. Words matter. The word Fantastic is defined as unimaginably good and beautiful. Words matter. Fantastic when spoken or heard makes you smile which releases endorphins, dopamine and seratonin which make you feel Fantastic, a smile makes you look Fantastic and smiling reduces stress.

So by replacing the word good with Fantastic you feel Fantastic, look Fantastic, live longer, will be more successful in work and in relationships and people who say they are Fantastic are NEVER forgotten. I’ve been doing this for years and I’ve proven it true from the thousands I’ve interviewed.

Your state of mind is ALL in your mind. If you think you are happy, beautiful and successful – you are. If you think you are unhappy, ugly and a failure – you are. It does not matter what others think, they have agendas for themselves. As a motivational speaker, philosopher and life coach I can go on for hours with advice that was learned from people, not books or school. The key to happiness is within you, its not money that will make you happy, its not others that will make you happy, its YOU that will make you happy.

I hope to meet and interview more Fantastic people, see more Fantastic things and places and spread the Be Fantastic movement on this tour. Every day on the Be Fantastic YouTube channel I give updates, post interviews and dispense motivational advice while trying to show everyone that if you Pollinate Positivity and Cultivating Civility EVERYONE wins.

I am not a doctor but I’m being called Dr. Fantastic because I prescribe the secret to a longer and happier life, replace good with Fantastic.

What you want to be, you can be, be Fantastic.
Dr. Fantastic

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