The pasha parties

The pasha parties
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My new friend and Ambassador Adly is one of the pioneers of Sharm el Sheikh My first interview of him was Fantastic. Last night he invited me to attend an event he was hosting at his hotel. I had no idea what was in store for me. In the 1980’s he bought a few zcres of land in Naama Bay just 100 yards from the ocean, there were but a fee buildings in the area at that time, todsy only few cars can drive into the srea which is now filled with clubs, hotels znd shops. He put up some Bedouin tents and started a hotel.
Each year he put his earnings into building a brick and morter establishment, he built ten rooms a year for ten gears It is now the beautiful boutique Sanafir hotel, it’s a masterpiece.

While the hotel is shuttered due to covid19 it is anything but quite. He hosts dance parties which I attended last night, and what a night it was. Pasha is the name of the dance club and for ten years it was the place to be for the New Years celebration, trapeze artists dangling from the immense steel cage above the venue, a spectacular lighting design, huge LED screens, many bars and one of the best designs of a club I have ever seen. Adly’s private section is center and above the action with two tables, couch znd plenty of room for dancing which I did of course. If you are in Sharm el Sheikh for New Years eve you must attend, but while that is a month away Pasha is hosting these dance parties three times a week! The DJ has been spinning at Pasha for 11 years, he was Fantastic last night, the place rocked. And to think I would have missed this amazing night had I just decided to go home and watch a movie. As I say life is daily left and right turns and all your turns are correct as mine was last night to party at Pasha. Not only is the hotel znd club incredible but he replicated the Marilyn Monroe movie Bus Stop as the theme for the cafe within the hotel, Fantastic decor, ambience and food with two pool tables, darts and foosball. Oh what a night.

Dr. Fantastic

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