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Tennis Anyone
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I started playing tennis in high school, I found girls played tennis and I liked girls. They didn’t play basketball or football so I stuck to tennis.

I taught many to play. It’s sort of lifetime and as long as you play someone at your level it’s a Fantastic sport. I taught my two sons to play, they both had great junior careers and earned full college rides at Texas A&M and UCLA. My younger son got up to 180 in the world and played in all four grand slam tournaments. They both traveled the world as touring professionals which I believe helps them in their careers after tennis, travel is Fantastic. It’s been years since I attended a tennis match but I find me today in Sharm el-sheik in Egypt at the Sierra Resort watching the semi-finals of the women’s Sharm el-sheik 15k. As Professor of Positivity, I believe tennis really reflects the art of positive thinking. They say tennis is 90% mental and at the top levels they are right. Having confidence that you’re second serve at breakpoint in a critical point of the match will be a winner is what separates the levels of the pros and amateurs alike. One of my philosophies in life is if you love what you do you will have fun and do it well, when you do something well you will make money at it. Money is the icing on the cake. I made many mistakes in life and one was putting too much importance on my boys winning, as I am older and wiser now my advice to you is if you have children in tennis make sure they have fun playing and not be concerned with winning, it will come when they have fun. If you have fun playing you
stand a much better chance at winning your match. One point at a time, just don’t lose the last point. As I write this I hear English being spoken so I approach the guy and turns out he knows my son, what a small world. I interviewed him and here it is.

The girl I’m watching is now down a set and a break, her body language is negative which helps her opponent and doesn’t help her. You MUST be positive in thought and body language, not only in tennis but in life. Positive thinking manifests positive results. Negative thinking manifests negative results. Most don’t know how powerful their minds are. Here is my video of the incredibke day i had.

What you want to be, you can be, Be Fantastic.
Dr. Fantastic

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