swimming in the red sea

swimming in the red sea
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I’m in Sharm el Sheikh Egypt on the Red Sea and I’ve been discovering the most beautiful beaches, people and fish! All are Fantastic.

While there are some public beaches most of them are private and charge around 50 pounds which is a little over 3 dollars for entry. That gets you a lounge chair and a umbrella or cabana and access to the beautiful clear clean Red Sea. Terrazzina was the first beach, they play loud music constantly that gets your blood flowing, one night they had a free dance troupe from Columbia perform and they have a large restaurant. I’ve met some Fantastic people there, the fist was Medo and his friends who invited me for drinks, here is the Virtual Reality video of that meeting.

On my second day at Terrazzina I saw a few tropical fish after buying a face mask snorkle which cost less than 10 dollars, well worth it. The second beach club I attended which is next door, is called La Tenda and while its the same fish and sandy beach it’s very calm, no loud music and the beach chairs are lounge chairs rather than the couches at Terrazzina. The people working there are fantastic and I interviewed Viktoria who works in guest relations and marketing and is a singer.

Every day i meet the most Fantastic people here in Charming Sharm as its written in huge signs along the road. The third beach is just a bit up the coast and is called El Funar, in English ‘The Lighthouse’, the owner of the restaurant ‘Mauro’ an italian is a naturalist and constructed the restaurant
and surroundings from stones and wood collected each day in the desert. It’s a work of art. Fantastic. This beach has coral and lots of tropical fish, I saw a gal who had a waterproof casing for her phone/camera and luckily they sold them there and I did my first underwater photography. If you stand in the water the large tangs bite, or rather nibble on your feet ( they feed off the ocean floor ), it’s disconcerting at first but a Fantastic experience interacting with nature. You can hear women scream when they experience their first bites. LOL. I met a diving instructor by the name ofRami who became Ambassador of Positivity #788, he is going to be an incredible Ambassador, he was kind enough to take the time to translate my
Good vs Fantastic flyer to Arabic. I plan on distributing them to all the businesses here as I did in Couer d alene Idaho a Fantastic town like
Sharm. While I was enjoying fantastic pizza and cold beer with Mauro and Rami that they treated me to, I overheard a lady saying Fantastic a few times a table over from ours. I had to give her our Be Fantastic button and after introducing myself she told me she heard about me from a friend. I was taken aback. Her name is Carol and she said “My friend called me three days ago, You gave her your flyer and introduced the movement to her, after meeting you she called me and read the flyer to me, I’ve been using the word Fantastic since with passion, I love it”. When I hear stories like that it really makes me feel Fantastic, I hope Carol sends me her email as she should be an ambassador. She ‘gets’ it as do most Egyptians as they are extremely kind. I’ve been in Sharm for about two weeks now and over fifty Ambassadors have joined the movement. I plan on inviting them all one day to get togethers at one of these beach clubs, imagine meetings
with a group of positive, fantastic people sharing stories and having fun.
Life is Fantastic swimming with fish and becoming friends with Egyptians in Sharm. I’ve been interviewing the locals and they all say once you discover Sharm you’ll always come back or never leave.

If you haven’t joined the movement and want to be part of the solution in making our society a kinder place just send an email to drfantastic@befantastictoday.com and say “I’m in”. Its free, you only have to adopt this credo: Be kind to yourself, Be kind to others, Be kind to our
environment and try to delete the word good and replace with Fantastic.
Please subscribe to our Be Fantastic YouTube channel, like and share the videos. They are created to either make you smile, bring you some knowledge, inspire or motivate you. The hundreds of videos are in categories at www.befantastictoday.com. We will have millions of Fantastic people in this movement sharing kindness one day. What you want to be, you can be, Be Fantastic.

Dr. Fantastic

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