Sharms Sand Castle

Sharms Sand Castle
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I had the remarkable experiencing to tour what is the largest (50,000 square meters)Sandcastle in the world. It’s located in Shark’s Bay which is in Sharm el Sheikh Egypt.

The visionary behind the Sandcastle is Mr. Adly el Mestekawy one of the pioneers of Sharm el Sheikh. His hotel Sanafir aka Pacha Suites hotel is also something to behold which took him 10 years to build, ten suites a year for ten years. He has hosted the best New Year’s eve parties in the city with 4000 attendees at the Pache club in the open air arena in the center of the hotel. The Sandcastle is his masterpiece, it is going to be the Icon of Sharm and will tower over the Marina which is being dredged below it. Here is the video I shot.

This castle will certainly attract a global community, it’s icing on what is one of the best cities in the world, Sharm el Sheikh. The beaches, people and food are truly Fantastic, the Red Sea here hosts some of the best diving and
snorkeling in the world. The water is clean and bristly clear due to its sudden drop off the coast. The Sharm Sandcastle is truly a remarkable place to visit even in it’s unfinished state, I can only imagine how spectacular it will be when finished but the video I shot has the renderings of what the
finished castle will look like.

Imagine Sea World, Disneyland and Windsor Castle as one attraction. My hat is off in congratulating such a visionary to build such a magnificent structure which will bring enjoyment for millions of people and last for decades as all the great castles of the world do. This proves once again to me that you must first dream before the dream will come to fruition. Adly dreamed a remarkable dream with the Sandcastle and it’s coming true.

My dream is to make our world a more civil place and with people like Adly as one of our Ambassadors of Positivity my dream may also come true. What you want to dream, you can dream, dream Fantastic things. Edly and Sharm’s Sandcastle are truly Fantastic!

Dr. Fantastic

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