Nailing an interview

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I have worked in 81 different professions around the world. I have created companies and charities and have conducted many interviews on both sides of the desk so I hope my advice may help you in your next interview, actually if you follow it, it will.

First do some background research on the company, know its history and what charities or organizations it supports. Second try and find out about the person interviewing you, if you can’t, when in their office check out trophies, pictures, the art and anything that might be about that person interviewing you. The logic behind step one and two is to get them talking about themselves and the company more than you talking about yourself, psychologically they will like you more.

Another thing to remember is that they are lucky if they hire you, not you’re lucky to get the job, you have to have confidence in yourself, no fear. Many people are capable to do what they are looking for, it’s the personality that they are looking for as they need to work with you on a daily basis, they have to like YOU.

Eye contact, never look away first, shows strength. Compliment them, congratulate them if you see a trophy or award.

Tell them your great qualities, you are NEVER late, love the field of work, want to advance after showing how good and capable you are.
Relate to them, their company, their causes, their goals.
Always dress the part, suit and tie for white collar work, Jean’s and such for blue collar.

In work if you are early you are on time, if you’re on time you are late, if you’re late its unacceptable. Show up real early to the interview and when they ask “How are you” say with great conviction “I AM FANTASTIC “

You will get the job, I hope it’s one you will be passionate about. The secret to happiness is jumping out of bed in the morning looking forward to your day.
Be Fantastic