How are you?

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If you interact with humans you have been asked that question every day of your life and you will be asked it every day of your life for the rest of your life! It’s been around for 600 years and will be around for another 600 years. We can’t get rid of it ( I think it’s a rhetorical question and a waste of time), but we can change the answer, I’m going to give you the BEST answer, an answer that makes you look great every time you say it, makes you feel great every time you say it and literally makes you live longer every time you say it – according to science. Its three words that will change your life and make the world a more civil place.

Before I tell you those 3 magical words I think you need to know where the question originated in history.

It was during the Black Plague also known as the Bubonic Plague, a third of the world died from it. If you got close to someone with it you died within a week. So from a great distance you would shout to your friend HOW ARE YOU? Back then there were only two answers, “I’ve got it” which everyone knew meant stay away or come visit and die or “I’m well” which meant come visit.

600 years later its ingrained into nearly every country in the world, the answers range from sad and lonely, ok, good, very good, well, so so, can’t complain, alright, but bad, not too bad, great, awesome, wonderful, blessed, living the dream and others. All of which do you and the person asking No good whatsoever!!

Now for that three word answer you have been waiting for. The first time saying it I want you to say it with conviction, with passion, with emotion, you are not yet it but soon will be so I need you to own it when you say it because you soon will be it.

Say “I AM FANTASTIC!”. 99% of people saying that for the first time feel either Fantastic or great, everyone feels better. The reason is science. Fantastic is literally the only word in answer to that question that forces you to smile, a smile is very healthy, it releases dopamine, endorphins and serotonin in your brain, neuro messaging signals that make you feel good, the smile makes you look better and each time you smile or laugh you live 5 minutes longer because it releases stress. A little less stress makes you a little healthier, a little healthier you live a little longer.

Fantastic is a magical word, the dictionary definition is Unimaginably good and beautiful.

Say it often, always upon asked How you are?, tell people they look Fantastic, tell people they did a Fantastic job, tell them to have a Fantastic day, etc.
Most of all Be Fantastic.