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Life should be full of firsts as I believe they are truly Fantastic experiences. First grade, first day on your dream job, driving for the first time, your first kiss. Some remarkable firsts for me include the birth of my son, my first solo flight, jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet, and my first french kiss. Today I had some firsts which inspired me to write this blog. I am currently in Sharm el-sheik Egypt on the Red Sea for the first time, I swam in the Red Sea for the first time, had a message for the first time in thirty years (does that count as a first?). It’s my 227th day traveling the world promoting the Be Fantastic movement, a major first for me. There were many firsts so far in the trip, first time seeing Mt. Rushmore, Old Faithful, many Zoo’s, museums and interviewing Fantastic people. Seems each day in strange and new places are making many firsts for me. Some other firsts that come to mind are first time visiting many cities in Ukraine ( Kiev, Odessa, Lviv), singing in a street band in Kiev, traveling under the Suez Canal and more.I highly recommend creating some firsts of your own. Life is short. Firsts get your blood flowing as does saying the word Fantastic with a bit of passion. I’m sure it would be your first time answering the 650 year old question How are you? With “I am Fantastic”. You should try it, it’s exhilarating and an act of kindness as it makes one smile which releases stress and extends life by 5 minutes. Tell employees they did a Fantastic job, wish people a Fantastic day rather than a good one, tell your friends they look fantastic. The word fantastic is full of positivity, compassion energy, and kindness. Step out of your comfort zone with some firsts. Life is a journey, A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Enjoy your journey. Live life large and try and create some firsts.
What you want to be, you can be, Be Fantastic.
Dr. Fantastic

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