Fantastic people at Lviv

Fantastic people at Lviv

I met a young lady at the Istanbul airport and as I normally do to people whose paths I cross I introduce the be Fantastic movement to them.

 She as most do loved it and upon learning, I was going to Ukraine

she stated “Ukrainians need you” She was right, I’ve found many that love the movement and philosophy behind it and many that have been taught by previous generations they must feel the sadness of life to appreciate the joys. I don’t agree.

The Fantastic news is 90 people in Ukraine have joined the movement as Ambassadors of which half are Ukrainians. While 50 Ukrainians trying to be kind is not monumental but if it spreads then it’s a start. I was told the Be Fantastic movement will take 2 generations to help make the world a kinder and more civil place. I won’t be here to see it but I hope that prediction comes true. Saying Have a Fantastic day, you look Fantastic, you did a Fantastic job or I am Fantastic is literally an act of kindness.

The word Fantastic makes those who say it or hear it smile, smiling reduces stress and extends one’s life by 5 minutes. If that’s not kindness then I don’t know what is. I loved the people, food, architecture, and history of this country.

The Medieval city of Lviv was fascinating, the Black Sea and Odessa were beautiful and of course the village of Podil, Kiev was incredible. I hope you watched and liked the many videos I posted on Be Fantastic YouTube channel, this Virtual Reality video shot in Odessa is a nice recap of the days on the movement.

So I now will leave Ukraine, I’m heading south to warner weather, next stop Alexandria, Egypt.

What you want to be, you can be, be Fantastic. Join the movement by sending an email to and please
subscribe to be Fantastic YouTube channel, it’s a vote for a kinder and more civil world.

Dr. Fantastic

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