I want to invite you to be part of an exciting and important movement.
If you want to make the world a better place, live longer, be happier and never be forgotten please join the Be Fantastic Movement.
It’s in 41 countries and it will literally do what is written above.
It is attempting to turn our greedy, selfish, litigious and wasteful society into a nice, friendly , courteous and civil one, and it all begins inside each one of us.
Everyone on this planet have two things in common, EVERY day we will be asked the rhetorical 600 year old question How are you? And we all know that being positive is better than being negative. With these two things in mind try answering that question with “I AM FANTASTIC” and watch how your life, others you interact with and how society as a whole will change. The word Fantastic is the only word in answer to that question that forces you to smile which releases endorphins, serotonin and dopamine which makes you feel great and reduces stress so you live longer, plus we all look better with a smile. It also makes the person who asked the question smile. I am a simple man with a crazy simple plan to make people happier while spreading positivity and creating a more civil society. Steve Jobs once said “People crazy enough to think they can make change are the ones that do” The Be Fantastic movement can be found on our app, ‘Be Fantastic’, our YouTube channel “Be Fantastic’ or our website For daily motivation quotes and inspiring slogans please subscribe to our Instagram at ‘be_fantasticforever’ and enjoy our Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler pages. Our Podcasts and Radio Show introduce information and technologies to improve your mind, body and planet which we feel will also help make the world a better place.
If you want to help the the Be Fantastic movement Pollinate Positivity and Cultivate Civility please consider pledging one dollar per month. It is tax deductible as we have a 501C3 supporting our movement, The Foundation for World Harmony.
Click HERE to pledge.
Thank you for your support.
If you would like to purchase Be Fantastic merchandise here is what we carry. Pins $1
Bumper stickers $2
Coffee mugs $10
Shirts $15
$1.50 pins and stickers,
$5.99 mugs and shirts if in usa