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The story

Be Fantastic International is developing a resort where our Ambassadors and others can visit to rest and recuperate from their stressful lives.

Its called FIRE (Fantastic Inspirational Rejuvenation Experience). The goal is to give our guests an experience of a lifetime they will never forget, they will return home a new person.
Be Fantastic International has over 700 incredible Ambassadors of Positivity that will host classes, seminars and training in their specific expertise. They consist of teachers, doctors, scientists, inventors, healers, spiritualists, business experts, musicians, entertainers and many others that our guests can learn from. FIRE will be an off the grid modern resort in a tropical paradise ( i.e. Bali, Bahamas, Panama, Croatia).
To fund FIRE we have The Foundation for World Harmony, a 501C3 that people could donate through, its a public service foundation so a large donation earns them a dollar for dollar tax credit which they can use in business. We will also look to the private sector to fund as an investment.
If you are interested in helping FIRE to become a reality please contact us at or 714-326-9829 or 310-913-5533
We are looking for donors, investors and resumes of our Ambassadors that want to conduct classes and seminars at their usual rate.
What you want to be, you can be, be Fantastic. 

Mother of Humanity Statue


Mother of Humanity Statue and the Artist, Nijel Binns

Contact Us

If you would like to be part of this project please contact us at or 714-316-9829 or 310-913-5533
The Monument for Humanity is a project Be Fantastic International plans to create to help spread its mission to the world. It will be the largest monument/statue in the world, a international tourist destination. Inside the statue will be a museum depicting humanity from 50,000 BC to the space age, two restaurants in the glass globe and an observatory to the city below and the stars above.
The statue symbolizes our species, a man and a woman, they are intertwined as there is only 5% difference in our sexes, they stand upon a step pyramid the strongest structure in the world showing our strength and they are holding a globe of the world showing they are protecting our planet.
We hope to host many events at the monument one being a yearly ceremony handing out replicas of the statue to ‘Fantastic people’, humanitarians, inventors, teachers, leaders, people who have or are doing Fantastic things to help improve our world. Other events would be concerts and festivals.
What you want to be, you can be, be Fantastic.