What people say about Dr Fantastic


Monte you rock!


I Met Dr. Fantastic  A Few Months Ago And Became Fantastic Right Away. Just Recently I Met A Woman Who Asked How I Was And I Said “I’m Absolutely Fantastic ” And She Said She Was Having A Bad Day And Just Hearing That Uplifted Her, Her Body Straightened Up, Her Spirit Was Full And It Was Amazing To See. She Said “You Made My Day”. Being Fantastic Puts Smiles On Peoples Faces.


Thanks Mr B Fantastic. I’d Love To Connect With You Again And Your Audience Of Fantastic Listeners. Just The Thought O You Lightens And Brightens Each Day.


I Joined The Be Fantastic Movement At Its Inception And Have Been An Ambassador To Spread The Word That Being Fantastic Makes You Feel Better And Is Infectious.  Just Saying I Am Fantastic Brings A Smile To Everyone Who Says It. Join The Movement !

”Another person I spoke with was monte. His favorite part of the job is the opportunity driving gives him to interact with people. Ride-share driving is part of a very eclectic life for monte, who is a motivational speaker, has a YouTube channel and podcasts his experiences on his “Dr. Fantastic” Show. Like Eileen and Bob, Monte only works 4 hours per day and prefers driving during daytime hours. He has been driving for a year and works for both Lyft and Uber.”

Text Testimonials

“Good Luck With Your Movement, I Think It’s Fantastic, I Hope People Listen. I Think That Our Society Is Completely Backwards And Need Something Drastic To Change..”

“What An Amazing And Motivating Man You Are! Wow Thank You For The Uplifting Message This Morning Super Great Driver And Nice Car”

“Thanks Lester For Leaving A Postive Impact On My Day. I Might Have Said Fantastic 15 Times Today “

“Thank You For Fantastic Trip. Your Smile Is “Fantastique” To Have A Nice Day”

“Thank You So Very Much For The Positivity.”

“Thank You Very Much For Start My Day Fantastically.”

“Was Fantastic On All Levels.”

“FANTASTIC Ride!! We Loved Him.”

“You Are Fantastic”


“Glad I Met Him, He Is Amazing!!”

“Made Me Smile”

“Trip With Dr.Fantastic Was Really Fantastic. Thank You For The Pleasure To Be Your Passanger”

“Fantastico! Essepcionalmente O Melhor”


Wanted to let you know that I watched our video we filmed in the Uber back in September and it will forever bring back amazing memories – showed it to all my friends and family and loved it as well – they’ve coined “Be Fantastic” as a new catchphrase now! I also downloaded the app 😉

Carl Fryer
Hi!! Just Met You And Thought To Send A Positive Message Back To You! You Are Doing A Wonderful Thing For The World And The Universe Needs People Like You! Thanks For Turning Frowns Upside Down!!
Scenerry Dumlao

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