Red Lights

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If you drive in any big city you’ll notice that people are racing to red lights, they think that getting to that red light sooner will get them to their destination quicker and this isn’t true! Racing to that red light will cost you a lot of money in gas, it pollutes the planet and it wears your brakes out. Brilliant.

I drive limousines and I captain yachts, those vehicles the secret is ‘slow is pro’. When you see a red light I encourage you to take your foot OFF the accelerator and glide, cars are great gliders and if you’ll notice on the fuel average indicator you get up to 80 mpg when you’re gliding.

As I’m gliding to a red lights I’ve had people drive around me into oncoming traffic risking their life, risking a ticket or an accident to get two seconds in front of me, insanity.

I think most the time people are in a hurry to get to that red and to work because they’re late! So I highly encourage you to leave early, leave with enough time to change a flat tire and you get there stress free. Being early you could meditate, you can send texts, make phone calls and emails and all sorts of different things in a stress free environment. Get there early, don’t race to red lights and your disposition will improve. Remember if you are early you are on time, if you are on time you are late and if you are that it is unacceptable. Be accountable for your actions.
Be Fantastic.