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After 79 professions, world travel and 10 grandchildren Dr. Fantastic has insights and advice that actually can transform people’s lives.

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Introduction to the Be Fantastic movement:
This month's guest is Gaston Montero Ambassador #26. Gaston is a cultural Ambassador and visionary for happiness.
Prescription for a happier life, xmas edition:
This months guest is Nijel Binns Ambassador of Positivity #103 an incredible artist and sculptor. Dr. Fantastic's Fantastic poem is read.
Dr. Fantastic's story:
Dr. Fantastic explains why listening to his advice is worth your time. His guest is Doug Ivanovich Ambassador of Positivity #20.
Writers are Fantastic:
This months guest is prolific Author Gerald Henderson Ambassador of positivity #52. Some call the Dr. Crazy - Steve Jobs once said "People who are crazy enough to think they can make a difference in the world are the ones that do".
Pollinating Positivity and Cultivating Civility:
This months guest is Aage Nost Ambassador #14 of Mastermind and reveals what telomeres are.
Fantastic new technologies:
This months guest is Mike Silberman Ambassador of Positivity #70 who represents one of most prolific inventors alive today.
Quantum Mechanics:
This months guest is Jerry Avalos Ambassador of Positivity #93, he supplies our EMF reducer and anti pollution devices. Quantum entanglement is amazing, actually Fantastic.
Veteran's are Fantastic:
This months guest is a navy man, William Durfee who now is a broker for Compass. He says you can heal yourself. Value of a smile presentation.
The Metaphysical world:
Author and metaphysical life coach Jennifer Hill explains the science of the metaphysical. .
The $3B Mother of Humanity monument:
Artist/sculpture Nigel Binns is the guest and talks about his art and a monument celebrating motherhood.
The 'Other Side':
Author, Psychic and medium Vickie Gay discuss life and happiness with Dr. Fantastic.
The correct Mineral balance for your health:
Dr. Fred Eichhorn explains how the body is impenetrable to diseases, flu or colds when it has the correct Mineral balance. 40,000 people over 22 years have benefited from his product.
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HRN Global Ranking is: 4,594,975 out of 1,805,260,010 worldwide websites.
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