Life is a journey

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Enjoy the journey in life, dont just be driven by the destination as we dont always get there. I see a lot of ads encouraging investing in programs so when you retire you are set. I say enjoy the journey for many reasons the best being we dont always get to our destination, as example both my parents passed away at 40 years old, not near retirement.

I have a vision of hell and heaven if that’s where you go in afterlife as it probably lasts a long time, perhaps eternity. Heaven is where you look back at your time on the rock and know you lived a good, I mean Fantastic life, you were kind, you enjoyed each day and had a full life even if it was cut short. Hell on the other hand would be people who set the goal of working real hard, putting all the money in the bank, skipping parties and buying nice things with the goal of retiring at 40 years old with the intention of having 60 years of the good life, start traveling to see the world and do fun things. Unfortunately they pass away at 39, they look back for eternity knowing they screwed up their time on the rock. And to me that was the wrong decision during their journey in life.

Which brings me to another of my philosophies- life is a series of left and right turns. Every day of your life you make a decision to turn left or right, you must ALWAYS believe the decision you made was the correct one, you didnt make the other one so never even waste your time thinking about it. When you believe you made the correct turn which was your decision you will get confidence in your decision making, with that confidence you will be successful in life, with that success it will bring happiness which should be your goal in life. One of my turns at 17 was left turn go to college, right turn hitch hike around the world for my education, it was and always will be the best decision I ever made.

Believe in yourself, your decisions and enjoy every day as one day it will be your last. Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery and today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.
Be Fantastic.