Kiev Update

Hope you all enjoyed the sights, sounds and action in Kiev, moving onto Odessa for a few days then perhaps Lviv. Ukrainians are Fantastic people, the food Fantastic, the architecture and history super Fantastic. Enjoy all the videos on YouTube at Be Fantastic and all videos are now categorized on, What you want to be, […]

A day in Chernobyl

Spent a 12 hour day on a tour of the disabled nuclear power plant Chernoble. It’s about an hour and a half drive from Kiev but the scenery was pleasant. The tour bus played a video documentary on the disaster so it was a great reminder and also passed the time. It was well worth the […]

Day 5 from Kiev

OK, life on the road makes time fly by so I just realized it’s been a few days since my last post. Kiev is architecturally beautiful, it’s not a masked faceless city like most in the world today and the people are friendly and full of energy. I sang and danced with the local band in […]

Day 1 Abroad

Day one abroad started with a ten hour flight from Miami, Florida to Istanbul, Turkey. I had a 15 hour layover which at first seemed daunting but I kept a positive disposition and knew I would make the best of it. The airport security pounced on anyone who’s mask dropped beneath their nose, it was […]

Day 1

I write this on my last day in America. I will be posting a daily text blog of my travels going forward.  I’ve spent the last 185 days on the road traveling through 22 states, 14,000 miles and have posted daily videos on our YouTube channel ‘Be Fantastic’. I will continue to post videos but will […]