Everyone Must Win

Everyone Must Win
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I have created many things in my life and the rule of thumb I use is everyone must win.

I created a non profit for Veterans 10 years ago called Supporting our Servicemen (www.ilovesos.org). It helps and thanks our Veterans. It’s FREE to everyone. Companies sign up on the website and offer their products and services to Veterans at a discount to thank them for their service to their country. Veterans put their zip code into the search box where they are or where they are going and those companies are shown, where to shop, dine or stay at a discount. Everyone wins, the company gets more business and they earn customer loyalty from Veterans and non Veterans, the Veteran wins as they get well deserved thanks for their service and the country wins because it spreads patriotism. I started a post production company, GM Studios, everyone won, my clients received Fantastic post production services, their customers were entertained, I employed many people and I made money, everybody won.

Now with what I believe is my greatest creation, The Be Fantastic Movement everyone in the world will win. By joining and following the credo of the movement you will feel better, you will look better, you will live longer, you will be more successful in business and in personal relationships, you will be making others happy and this will make the world a kinder more civil place for everyone.

Everyone wins. When you create something try to make sure everyone wins, too many people are greedy and selfish. It is also important to remember YOU always come first, this is not a selfish trait, if you don’t love yourself you can’t expect others too, this does not mean others aren’t important as they certainly are but by coming first you help others. A great analogy I say to explain this is when the oxygen mask drops in an airplane instructions are ALWAYS to put it on first then help others with theirs. You
come first.

If you would like to be part in a movement that in a couple of generations can make our world a better place follow this credo: Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, be kind to the environment and try to delete the word good and replace it with Fantastic. Saying Fantastic is literally an act of kindness where everyone wins. The smile is what occurs when this word is spoken or heard, a smile reduces stress and as a result you live LONGER! The Be Fantastic movement has over 800 Ambassadors of Positivity spread over 45 countries, we have thousands of subscribers to our social media channels but we need millions. A journey of a thousand miles begins but with a single step as the saying goes and many are on this

Fantasticjourney. Each day people hear about the movement and join and that is Fantastic, one step at a time. Please like and share this info if you agree. What you want to be, you can

be, Be Fantastic.
Dr. Fantastic

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