The Pond

I write this while sitting on a weathered red picnic bench ten feet from a large pond deep in the hills of Spokane, Washington. Peaceful does not come close to…

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As Dr. Fantastic I've been delivering information through my YouTube channel ( Fantastic Interviews) from Epidemiologists, Virologists, Radiologists, Microbiologists, Scientists, Doctors and front line responders in the hope the information…

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Nailing an interview

Nailing an interview Sponsored by Qwerty Systems I have worked in 81 different professions around the world. I have created companies and charities and have conducted many interviews on both…

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How are you?

How are you? Sponsored by JP's Peace Love,Happiness If you interact with humans you have been asked that question every day of your life and you will be asked it…

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Red Lights

Red Lights Sponsored by executive limousine If you drive in any big city you'll notice that people are racing to red lights, they think that getting to that red light…

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Stress Kills

Stress Kills Sponsored by healthy Stress is brought on by you. The secret to living a stress free life is what I'm going to discuss here. First know that…

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The Art Of Positive Thinking

The Art of positive thinking Sponsored by healthy The art of positive thinking. Some people say positive people see a glass as half full, negative people as half empty.…

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Life is a journey

Life is a journey Sponsored by Storm Aid Foundation Enjoy the journey in life, dont just be driven by the destination as we dont always get there. I see a…

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Get Involved

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As we learn of new technologies, beneficial information and important causes we want to share them with you our audience. Below is information on situations you should know about. Please…

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