Executive Officers/Directors

Richard Carey

Richard Carey our Chairman is responsible for implementing and integrating the strategic direction of the Company with Mr. Cook and as such responsible for strategy and, financing, of the company. Mr. Carey began his career in 1958 when he received congressional appointment to the US Naval Academy as the son of Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Charles Francis Carey Jr. Upon honorable discharge from the US Navy in 1964, Mr. Carey began a career in finance as a NYLIC underwriter for New York Life. From 1967 to 1973, Mr. Carey worked as a stockbroker and principal of a brokerage firm. In 1973 he began structuring oil and gas limited partnerships for developmental drilling programs. These programs included hundreds of successful projects

In the subsequent 40 years, Mr. Carey has founded and co-founded multiple companies in a wide range of industries including diamond and gold mining operations, oil and gas exploration, energy resellers, entertainment, specialty finance and tax offset programs. With his broad experience and an extensive personal and business network, Mr. Carey’s financial acumen has added significant value to every project in which he has participated. With his unique understanding of the diversity of business structures and an ongoing commitment to innovate and adapt to new practices, he continues to build upon the depth of knowledge and success gained throughout his career. 

Lester Monte Cook III

Lester Monte Cook III, our CEO is the driving force behind the Company.  Monte Cook (Dr. Fantastic) has started the Be Fantastic movement which is being spread on YouTube, podcasts and a radio show.  Mr. Cook has spent a lifetime as an entrepreneur, he graduated from the School of Hard Knocks in 1974, Summa cum Laude (he has a great sense of humor!). His worldwide travels and experiences in a multitude of trades had led to him becoming a author, motivational speaker and philosopher. His relationships with investors, engineers, inventors, astro-physisists, marketing experts and thousands of other incredible people help him to accomplish his goals. His creativity and the unique ability to think ‘outside the box’ are a great asset in developing companies and projects. His marketing expertise is second to none. He will guide his expert relationships in the Be Fantastic International, Corp with ease as he attempts to make the world a kinder, friendlier more civil place for ourselves and our fellow man for generations to come. He encourages people to Just Be Fantastic.

Anthony l. Anish

Mr. Anish, as Corporate Secretary, is responsible for board minutes and implementing board decisions, advising directors, handling share issuances and transactions, legal requirements, auditors, lawyers, tax advisers, bankers and shareholders on governance issues, and ensuring compliance of relevant laws and regulatory matters. Mr. Anish serves as a principal officer of M Line Holdings, Inc. where he is responsible for meeting all the SEC requirements. Previously, he successfully founded and expanded the London-based Anish and Co., chartered accountants, Mr. Anish sold his interest to two junior partners to join as CFO his accounting client, Performance Tire, Ltd. A year later he joined Performance Tire, Inc. where he led an expansion into the U.S. that took sales from $2MM to $28MM in 2 years. He later purchased the company’s 9 retail stores, which he sold a year later to return to his accounting and finance background. As President of AM Capital, Inc. Mr. Anish provided business finance for companies through equipment leasing and asset-based lending from its Orange County office. Prior to joining M-Line he consulted on a number of reverse mergers, provided business finance to private and public companies, and assisted taking a private company public through the full registration process. Mr. Anish received his Chartered Accounting degree after articling with Percy Phillips and Co., a London based Chartered Accounting firm.

Advisory Board

The Company has brought together a sophisticated and experienced advisory board to help guide the Company as it grows.  The board will meet a minimum of three times per annum to assist and advise the Company.

Lucas Bablin

Lucas Bablin is a French born actor, promoter and entrepreneur. In 1998 he was Mr. France, he has starred in many movies. As a promoter he has thrown some of Hollywood’s biggest Oscar parties, Soho and Karma parties. He is friends with the A list Hollywood elite. He runs an event production company and will assist BMI in being on the world stage to promote its brand.

Klaus Menzel

German-born Klaus Menzel is an independent Producer-Director. His directorial debut was with the feature film Fascination that stars Jacqueline Bisset and Adam Garcia, which he also wrote and produced. Menzel has an extensive knowledge of financing international co-productions and has a wealth of hands-on production experience including being a producer of the film Poison, starring Rosanna Arquette, Juergen Prochnow and Thomas Kretschmann. Currently, he is president of Quality Films + TV Productions GmbH and AFI, Inc. the production companies producing the love story feature film entitled,  “What About Love” in which he is director, writer and producer.  Menzel utilizes his theatre and opera directing background to help shape the characters from the script onto the screen. He is an ambitious, independent film director who is full of enthusiasm and charisma that will inspire anyone he meets. 

Holmes H. Stoner Jr.

Mr. Stoner is Chairman and Executive Director of PRCC, AICC and Pacific Rim Business Council.  He has spent the last 36 years as Chairman of the Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce and the American International Business Council. The mission was to set up and administrate international business development, consulting services and business relations in the major emerging markets throughout the world. He personally manages the worldwide policies and agenda.

He has worked with most PacRim Governments closely setting up promotions for Trade, Tourism, Technology Transfer and Cultural Exchange Programs as well as financing programs.

He also founded the Pacific Rim Business Council in 1983. Pacific Rim Business Council (PRBC) is the leading business organization in the United States representing the interests of large, medium and small business throughout the Pacific Rim desiring to expand or open their business in the United States of America, the Peoples’ Republic of China, India and subcontinent and other countries in Asia.  Its membership is made up of thousands of member companies, as well as local chambers of commerce and professional and trade associations listed in their international directory.  

Since 2001 the organization, with many international offices, has recruited over 555,000 businesses from 24 countries to participate in many of our programs and reach their goals to establish and operate their business. All told, our members employ more than 11,350,000 workers throughout the world. 

Doug Ivanovich

Doug Ivanovich has 40 years of professional experience in entertainment, broadcasting, marketing, PR, and business development. He is the Executive Producer of the 2019 American Icon Awards, honoring Al Pacino, Quincy Jones and Evander Holyfield, with Robert De Niro, David Foster, Naomi Campbell, Robin Thicke, and others (airs globally June 2019), the Founder of the World Peace One group of companies, (WP1 Foundation, WP1 Concerts, and WP1 Music). Doug is also the founder and Executive Director of Storm Aid, which is developing and constructing low cost disaster relief housing that sets up in 6-1/2 hours, and is presently forming “1 Earth, Inc.,” which will produce next year’s “Earth Day 50 Live– Turning Point” global eco-concert via TV, Radio, the Internet, and Mobile Streaming, to 2.5 and 3.6 billion people. Doug was the CEO of World TV Productions in a JV with Dick Clarke Productions, and was a founder and principal of “SkyLink Satellite Communications,” a primary video and audio trafficking service provider, managing clients such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, HBO, Showtime, ESPN, TBS, TNT, MGM, Universal, Sony, Warner Bros., Disney, Columbia, Paramount, and more. SkyLink provided worldwide video for FOX Television. SkyLink provided content to some 6,000 Earth Stations, and virtually every major TV network in the world. Doug was also a principal of Sports Radio Network, which served 550 U.S. radio markets, including over 250 CNN stations). Humanitarian event origination, production and distribution included “Live Aid,” “Farm Aid I & II,” “World Environment Day,” 5 “Comic Relief Specials,” 6 “Jerry Lewis Telethons,” 6 “United Negro College Fund Telethons,” and more. He helped finance the “First Earth Run” Olympics-style TorchRelay for World Peace and Human Unity that aired updates on Good Morning America for nearly one year. Mr. Ivanovich is also an active Executive Producer on a variety of music projects, and artists’ musical careers. He also recently began consulting, as well as developing his own properties for film. Doug writes and lectures on social, cultural, and ecological topics, and on values, ethics, education, peace, the arts, philosophy, geopolitics, technology and social investing. He is a Global Peace Strategist, International Citizen Diplomat, Ecology and Earth Restoration, green energy, sustainable community, and has been a keynote speaker at NAB (the “National Association of Broadcasters), the USA’s largest broadcast industry conventions and events.

Ivory Sully

Ivory Ulysses Sully, III was born June 20, 1957 in rural Salisbury, Maryland. His father was a well respected physician in the community, and his mother was dedicated to raising Ivory and his three siblings-an older sister and two younger brothers. In 1967 his family relocated to Leonia, New Jersey where Ivory spent the remainder of his childhood. There at Leonia High School, he became immersed in sports with a passion to master all that he engaged in. By the time he graduated in 1975, he had a multitude of awards and trophies, including: All State Tennis Champion, All State Track Champion, Boy’s State (New Jersey) Leadership Representative of Leonia H.S., Weringer Award for School’s Best Athlete, and selected to the All Century Football Team by Bergen Record Newspaper. Ivory chose to attend the University of Delaware based on the passion and drive of the football team being coached, at that time, by Tubby Raymond. A non-scholarship player, he lived out his dream of being a starting running back Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years. Ivory graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Physical Education/Physical Therapy, with an emphasis in Athletic Training. He then left the East Coast to follow his dream of playing in the NFL. An undrafted free agent, he earned a spot with the Los Angeles Rams and went on to play as a defensive back for the remainder of his career. That first year, he played in Super Bowl XIV against the Pittsburgh Steelers, earning an NFC Championship Ring. Following a successful 9 year NFL career, Ivory Sully transitioned seamlessly into the fashion apparel industry as an entrepreneur and business owner. An expert in all facets of fashion design, marketing, licensing, sales, and public relations, he knows what it takes to make a corporation successful. As owner of Sully Executive Services, Ivory facilitates corporate growth through team building, motivational speaking engagements, mentor leadership, plus global brand expansion through licensing and contract negotiations, and corporate development at the executive level. His most honoring recognition came in 2009 when Ivory was inducted into the University of Delaware Sports Hall of Fame. 

Chris Shaffer

Mr. Chris Shaffer is a world traveler, yachtsman, private train manager, entrepreneur and treasure hunter.

He works closely with high net worth executives to solve situations. His relationships to a multitude of important individuals and corporations will be a great asset to BFI.