Anti Pollution Device

The Dr. Fantastic Anti pollution device incorporates Quantum mechanics technology to reduce and at times eliminate pollution from combustible engines. 
Albert Einstein and many great minds in the 1920’s discovered quantum physics and in the last few decades the theories have been proven.
We have links on this page to try to understand this technology.
When you see a 5 gas analyzer measure vehicles after being exposed to our quantum devices you will want to have these devices on your phone and in your vehicles.
We have put the link to the EMF reducer on this page for your review. We give the EMF reducer to all subscribers to our Be Fantastic app. We not only want our audience to be mentally healthy we want them to be physically healthy.

These devices reduce pollution, save you gas, improve performance on your engines and help save the environment. They make great gifts.


Please read the legal disclaimer on your smartphone, it warns you not to use your phone near your head.  Harmful EMF (electromagnetic radiation) is emitted from them. 
The Be Fantastic movement not only is trying to make people happier and society more civil but we want you to be healthy too. Everyone that downloads our Be Fantastic app gets a FREE EMF reducer.
Please visit our Dr. Fantastic Anti Pollution page, we sell another Quantum mechanics powered device that has shown 100% reduction in pollution from combustible engines,  we under promise a 50% reduction in pollution, increased efficiency and fuel savings. We have proven this with 5 gas analyzers that smog stations use.
Help reduce pollution and buy one today, they make great gifts. 

Order here, only $279.95 plus tax, S&H $7.95, buy two for $259.95 plus tax, S&H $9.95