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The Vast Majority Of People When Asked How They Are Respond With “I’m Good” Or With “I’m Well” , “Very Well”, “OK” , “Fine” “All Right” , ” Not Too Bad ” Or “Can’t Complain” Only The Most Positive People Respond With “I’m Fantastic” Which Group Are You In?

If you understand the theorum “I think there for I am” then we suggest you answer by saying “I’m Fantastic”. It makes other people laugh or smile which is paying forward positive energy. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, be fantastic, its easy.

Saying I’m Fantastic is the only response that puts a smile on your face, smiling releases nueral transmitters called neuropeptides which make you fell good and reduce stress. The neural transmitters are Dopamine, Endorphines and Seratonin.

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On our channel you will find motivational advice from our host L. Monte Cook III and great interviews from people in all walks of life. It’s educational, funny, interesting, motivational and uplifting.

Mr. Cook is an author, humanitarian, world traveler, philosopher, grand father and jack of all trades.

He graduated Summa Cum Lauda from the school of hard knocks. You will find him inspirational and his insights into life will give you a fresh perspective on your life.


Dr. Fantastic

Professor of positivity

The most positive person on the planet.
People don’t agree on religion, certainly not on politics, the doctor believes there is not a person on the planet that can argue that positive thinking is not healthy or beneficial.
That is his mission to pollinate positivity through his Be Fantastic movement.